Friday, February 18, 2011

Eric Church

So being from Canada, I'm limited with how much american content i get to listen to, as alot of country singers don't release there singles till later on up here. i want to tell you about the first time I heard Eric Church. i was on cmt's website on the message boards under whats the song? cause i love listening to new artists and songs and this board seems to be the best. well that is where i found Lighting by Eric Church. such a great song, i had never heard of him until them and loved his voice and how he could tell a story through his song, well his latest album is all of that. one of my fav's is Carolina. I also stumbled upon some very candid video's that you can see below. this guys the real deal and will be around for a long time to come.



candid videos

Easton Corbin

Here's a great new Country artist that has been knocking them out of the park all year long, If your not familiar with him, take a few minutes and have a listen to some of my favorites.
Don't ask me 'bout a woman

Someday when I'm Old

and his latest single I can't love you back

Hope you enjoyed it.

Taylor Swift

Here is a clip from the Letterman show a few months back,

Saturday, February 12, 2011

David Nail

His latest single "Let it Rain" is about to hit the airwaves and let me tell ya i just gave it a listen and i see a top ten in this song.

Brotherly love a golden oldie

Brother's share a certain bond gotta love it.

this is what we sang about 25 years ago when you sang about brothers, fast forward to today and this is what you get. the world is changing.

Chris Young - Dashboard

I gotta say i listen to alot of country music, and it's songs and voices like this that keeps me coming back for more.

Matt Anderson can sing

Ok folks i'm gonna let you in on a little secret here. i met Matt 4 years ago when he was just starting out. He was in Prince Edward Island for the music awards, he totally blew me away and after that i was hooked, take a listen and key an eye out for him if he;s in your area.

what's the deal with Jamey Johnson?

So I was playing around on youtube tonight, just checking out new music from anyone and everyone, and I came across this guy singing a Jamey Johnson song from a couple of years ago. but for the life of me i couldn't place it, the song sounded great i listened to this guy sing it a few times, before trying to find the original.

after finding the original it reminded me of what a fan i was of Jamey so i searched his new stuff. like wtf either this guy has fallen completely off his rocker, or he has had a complete mental breakdown. it would appear that the success of his first album has gone to his head and now he thinks he can just write a song about anything.
dear Jamey you lost me on this one.